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Holy mother of Cthullu, she liked it!

From AnnaLund:

What did I think of this book? Well, five stars, for starters. Duh.

Because it is Monty Python meets Douglas Adams chewing coca leaves smoking pot doing shrooms. Then it goes to a whole different level all together. Heh. I am sure I understood exactly nothing of this book, and I know I loved every second of it. Just terribly, terribly brilliant.

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Royce Ree, Bullshit Agent…

From Foreverbooklover:

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you? What is your role in the story?

My name is Royce Ree. I am a post-graduate Apprentice of the Imperial Academy of Fashion and Culture, and my presence has been requested on the planet of Baldessh for their Princess’s wedding. As wedding-decor-specialist extraordinaire, it’s my job to make sure everything goes according to plan, despite the planetary invasion, my ex’s presence at all the wedding parties, the clearly insane Warlord hell-bent on war…you know. Normal stuff.

My role? Why would you even need to ask? It’s hero, darlin’. Don’t listen to what my ex tells you.

I’m the hero.

I’m always the hero.

Royce doesn’t like Interviews…

But he still has to do them, because I’M THE BOSS.

From Majanka

Q2) Who would you consider your best friend? Who would you consider your nemesis?

Best friend? A few years ago, I’d have said my husband. But a friend’s someone you can count on, someone you know the ins and outs of, and my ex is as incomprehensible to me as a 5-dimensional quantum wormhole.

My ballistic (gun, to you Earth folks) has been restored to its “best friend” pedestal.

Nemesis? The same force that is antithesis and adversary to all right-thinking people everywhere: Government Bureaucracy. It doesn’t get any better even when the guy on top is an absolute dictator. Forms and red tape, and “Royce Ree, we need to give you sensitivity training again, you *can’t* call an Intergalactic Dignitary a “plasma-zit-faced piece of grrash’ in public”.