Royce doesn’t like Interviews…

But he still has to do them, because I’M THE BOSS.

From Majanka

Q2) Who would you consider your best friend? Who would you consider your nemesis?

Best friend? A few years ago, I’d have said my husband. But a friend’s someone you can count on, someone you know the ins and outs of, and my ex is as incomprehensible to me as a 5-dimensional quantum wormhole.

My ballistic (gun, to you Earth folks) has been restored to its “best friend” pedestal.

Nemesis? The same force that is antithesis and adversary to all right-thinking people everywhere: Government Bureaucracy. It doesn’t get any better even when the guy on top is an absolute dictator. Forms and red tape, and “Royce Ree, we need to give you sensitivity training again, you *can’t* call an Intergalactic Dignitary a “plasma-zit-faced piece of grrash’ in public”.

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