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The Gorilla in the Vents

Royce Ree #3.

Royce now has three days to rescue 40,000 space marines, and he’s just been told that the tech he came to Baldessh for doesn’t actually exist. He also has some real problems—his co-agent’s time is running out, and somewhere, far away, traitors are plotting to start a war that will engulf the entire Universe in flames.

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Royce Ree #2.

Royce’s primary mission has been abandoned in the chaos of Baldessh’s hostile takeover by a third party. Now his only objective is to get himself, and his fellow “agent” off-planet as fast as possible. Unfortunately for Royce, nobody is quite ready for him to leave just yet.

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The Threshold of Our Reach

It was a deathbed recantation. The Astronaut lay, sunken and frail amidst his bedclothes, as they set up their equipment. There was a window on the other side of the bed, framing a portion of the nearby mountain range.

“Beautiful view you’ve got,” said the man from NASA. “Peaceful.” Remote.

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The stink’s been bothering me since I stepped into the box. It’s mostly the same stink you get in all unpriv’d boxes, sweat and plastic-seal and unwash. Not my problem, really, I’m just here to mop the floors, make the foodprepper counter all cleaned up. But there’s something under the regular smell, and it’s coming from the wall.

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